Process Units is a Design & Engineering Company manufacturing specialized equipments required in Chemical & Process Industries. Process Units has become an established Designer and Manufacturer of Solid Liquid Separation Equipments. The main Products are Rotary Vaccum Drum Filter and Agitated Pressure Filter.

These Equipments are tailor-made. Pilot plant trials are taken to assess the feasibility of filtration and based on the trial result, the size of the equipments is scaled to suit the application.

We have a fully equipped fabrication shop & the manufacturing of these filters is carried out under stringent quality control standard. We also have fully trained personnel to commission & service these equipments at the customer's site We have been manufacturing equipments in the field of solid Liquid Seperation, Liquid Seperation, Heat & Mass Transfer & Vacuum Dying for 20 years and our equipments have been well proven all over India. We have been continously developing appropriate solutions not always the cheapest ) for our clients.